September 2014: AnDiaTec launches new real time PCR Kits for the detection of Human Herpes Virus 6 (HHV6) and the HLA-B27 allele.

January 2014: AnDiaTec launches a high-throughput real time PCR assy for detecting celiac disease predisposition (HLA-DQ real time PCR Kit).

September 2013: AnDiaTec becomes part of Quidel Corp., San Diego, USA

July 2012: Press release by BioRegioSTERN about the BoVir® Schmallenberg-Virus real time RT-PCR Kit:
"Identifying infected cows and sheep faster"

February 2012: The AnDiaTec GmbH & Co.KG expands the range of products in the scope of human herpes viruses. Parallel detection and quantification of HSV-1, HSV-2, VZV and EBV are now available.

January 2012: Emerge of Schmallenberg virus in Europe: AnDiaTec GmbH & Co. KG develops the world's first commercially available antigen detection kit for Schmallenberg virus. The BoVir® Schmallenberg-Virus real time RT-PCR Kit receives approval by the Friedrich-Loeffler-Institute in the beginning of July.

May 2011: Collaboration with the Al-Wafi Group, which is now distributor for products of the AnDiaTec GmbH & Co. KG in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

March 2011: AnDiaTec's Norovirus real time RT-PCR Kit is used as detection method during a study of the Universities of Cologne and Graz focused on automated nucleic acid extraction platforms. The study results are published in the Journal of Clinical Virology, July 2012, (54:255-9).

March 2011: The distribution contract between New Medical Centre und AnDiaTec is signed. The NMC Group runs several large hospitals and numerous medical centres and drugstores throughout the U.A.E., as well as their own development and production facilities for pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Subsidiaries of NMC can be found in all surrounding countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait or Oman. Due to this, this new collaboration guarantees easy availability of AnDiaTec products and improved customer support in numerous countries of the Middle East.

 December 2010: A two-page article about AnDiaTec is released by the well-known German lab journal LaborPraxis. The article focuses on AnDiaTec’s assays with regard to their superior detection of difficult viruses like Norovirus or Enterovirus.

Real-Time-PCR-Kits for faster diagnostics
Nowadays, it is all about prevention for medical practices as well as for hospitals: The earlier a patient’s illness is detected, the better are his/her chances for treatment and recovery. Thanks to new real-time-PCR-based test kits, the detection of dangerous human and animal bacteria and viruses can be improved. Read more (article in German)

September 2010: The German lab magazine LABO, which is sold in all German-speaking countries, publishes a detailed report about the AnDiaTec GmbH & Co.KG including its business model, products and fields of activity.

Real-Time-PCR makes it possible
AnDiaTec successfully detects bacteria and viruses
With its unbeatable fast, accurate and reliable test kits, the biotech company AnDiaTec GmbH & Co.KG, located in Kornwestheim, Germany, focuses on the detection of risky human and animal viruses, as well as on food and environmental safety issues. The company, which was founded in 2003 by former Max-Planck-Institute scientist Dr. Johannes Kehle, had a great success in the United States last year.” Read more (article in German)

 August 2010: All diagnostic products are now distributed directly by AnDiaTec within Germany. Hereby, better customer support and advantageous producer pricing is provided, as well as a closer contact between end users and AnDiaTec.

June 2010 Press release by BioRegioSTERN about the AnDiaTec Company and its worldwide business.

"Real cowboys have heard of Kornwestheim
AnDiaTec GmbH & Co. KG from Kornwestheim is in high demand worldwide as a partner specialising in detection methods for bacteria and viruses. The company is a world market leader in real time PCR Kits..." Read more

January 2010: Finalization of the contract between ALAPIS Medical & Diagnostics S.A. and AnDiaTec. ALAPIS will be distributing the AnDiaTec human diagnostic products within Greece and throughout the Balkan States.

April 2009: Accreditation of the Kornwestheim lab facilities according to directive 9CFR by the USDA for the production and the export of veterinary diagnostic tests for the US market.

March 2009: The veterinary diagnostic lab is launched in Manhattan, KS, in cooperation with Enfer Diagnostics Ltd. Routine diagnostics are offered on BVDV, PRRSV and Mycobacterium paratuberculosis.

October 2007: The BoVir-SL BVDV real time RT-PCR Kit is announced as the Best New Veterinary Product for Diagnostics in the annual Animal Pharm Awards in London, UK. Dr. Johannes Kehle gratefully accepted the award as representive of AnDiaTec and Enfer.

June 19th, 2007: Officials from Enfer Diagnostics Ltd.and AnDiaTec announced their partnership at the opening of the AVID Symposium in Stendal, Germany. This partnership aims at the worldwide distribution and the development of new and innovative veterinary diagnostic tests.

January 2007: AnDiaTec acquires the license for real time PCR assays from F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. All real time PCR tests for veterinary diagnostics are now sold as licensed PCR kits.


  Dr. Kehle and Mr. Mourant,
AgraME in Dubai, April 2009

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